Since 1997, Impact provides temporary and permanent team members for Supply Chain, IT, EDI, Engineering, Operations and Project Management positions.

  • We leverage our business process execution knowledge to improve our IT enablement services, and

  • We leverage our IT enablement skills to enhance our business process execution services.

  • We believe that if the work is worth doing, it's worth doing faster and better.

  • We leverage the skills of the group to improve the skills of each individual group member.

  • Long-time advocates of the ecosystem supply chain model, IMPACT provides specialty skills and capacity to our clients to help them create a differentiating experience in the eyes of their customers.

What We've Achieved

Filled our 1,000th client position in May 2017 after 20 years of client service

IMPACT performed and managed many projects for me, providing millions in supply chain savings value, often involving very delicate programs with our most important and most demanding customers.
— Blair Hawley, COO Heritage Home Group

We have seen that deep expertise creates the shortest, surest path to high quality results. With that in mind:

  • we will provide highly-skilled temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire team members,

  • across all facets of Engineering, Operations, Supply Chain, IT and EDI

  • to help our clients create more business with their customers,

  • by executing their projects and processes with excellence and efficiency. 

In support of our vision,

  • We have an extensive network of highly-qualified resources spanning the entire supply chain, from design through delivery.

  • We share experience across our resources to nurture new skills and deliver a level of quality beyond that of the individual.

  • We have formal and informal skill development programs.  We don’t just place people and leave them to their own devices. 

  • We take excellent care of our resources.  Clients tell us they experience far less turnover with IMPACT resources than with their other staffing sources.

Most staffing firms have expertise in either business process execution or IT.   IMPACT has developed expertise in both by focusing on both process execution and IT enablement. We help create a synergy for our clients between supply chain execution and enablement excellence.

We call it SCE3.

We leverage our nationwide network to provide local assistance. Our people are experienced: they’ve done what you want done.

  • If you lack capacity or particular expertise for your projects or processes...

  • If you want the skills and capacity but don't want to encumber your company with the overhead of hiring an employee...

  • If you have seasonal capacity constraints...

  • If you are having trouble finding and keeping skilled team members to design, make and deliver your products...

  • If you’d rather focus on your own core competencies instead of personnel recruiting, retainment and administration... 

We can help you get it done well.


Tremendous, wide-ranging skills across the supply chain, with a pragmatic way of tackling the work, with some of the best results-oriented leaders I’ve ever encountered.
— Skip Tappan, VP Logistics, Campbells Soup Company
I’ve worked with IMPACT on dozens of projects over the past six years. Not only does the work get done well but IMPACT makes the full-time employees more effective just from the way they interact.
— Stuart Leslie, Senior Manager, Transportation and Logistics, Henkel (formerly Sun Products)
IMPACT staff are great at what they do. Skilled, collaborative, always ready to do the work and do it well.
— Shane McPhie, VP Driver Sourcing and Relations, Western Express
Effectively, professionally, masterfully navigated us through the variable to arrive at a place that exceeded all of our goals and objectives.
— Desiree Feese, Supply Chain and International Security Specialist

We provide incremental expertise and capacity across the following scope:

  • Engineering, Operations and Supply Chain skill and staff augmentation.

  • Onshore IT assistance, all functional, technical and managerial roles.

  • EDI design, implementation and conversion.


Our skills include: Engineers of all types, Drafters and Designers, Machinists and Operators, Warehouse and Distribution positions, IT Functional and Technical Experts, Project Managers. Our team members have worked in most industries, with emphasis in the following:

  • 3PL
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Construction
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Distribution
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Food
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Medical Devices
  • OEM
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor
  • Robotic

Call or Visit

If you would like our assistance, or if you would like to join our network of skilled team members, please reach us via the following contact form or call us at whichever of the following numbers best aligns with your location:

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